Our wonderful clients are the reason we’re in business.

Here are some of the great things they’ve said about NOW Outdoors


Lesley A. writes about her experience winter camping for the first time on her travel blog. –> Here

“This weekend was a blast! Great time around the fire, a little late night hike, and some mushroom hunting.” —Mo

“Nick did a great job leading 15 of us on a frigid winter camp-out. Whew, it was intense! Never scary, just very intense. Great people and I learned a lot, exactly what I hoped to learn. Thanks, Nick!” —Bob H.

“I learned to start a fire with a bow and drill kit I made myself in the woods! I learned too many things to list. It was very informative.” —Joe

“I really enjoyed the company of all of you, it was a true privilege to be around you guys.” —Alex

“What a great trip! Thanks Nick for this awesome event.” —Derek

“Thank you, Nick, for helping us make such amazing memories!!!” —Marybeth

“Great people, great stories, and good info. If you are looking for an environment that will help you to get comfortable in the outdoor environment this it. Nick brings some serious knowledge in a fun, laid-back style that will really get you involved. The people that come together for these meetups are always amazing.” —Morrison

“Nick is a great woodsman, instructor, and a very nice person. Everyone was very nice and helped each other out. ”—Aquanaut

“Fun & interesting classes! So far I’ve enjoyed the Dutch Oven Cooking Class and Canoe Camping. Look forward to attending other classes this summer with Nick! ”— Toni

“Great people! We had fun while planning this trip. ”— Phil

“This was a wonderful class. Although I’ve been exploring foraging on my own the past few years, this was my first time meeting up with other kindred spirits. Nick and Krystal were generous with their knowledge, homemade forage-centric foods, and their time, and all of the participants were lovely as well. Thanks to all!” —Denise

“I have gone on two trips now with Nick and they have both been wonderful. He creates a friendly and inviting atmosphere around him. The most recent trip was the backing packing trip on Oct 23rd. It was great! We had some rain, but that gave us the ability to test our skills in setting up camp in not so perfect weather. Nick really makes everyone feel welcome and genuinely wants you to achieve your goals for the trip. His knowledge and stories about his time in the woods are very informative, entertaining and enjoyable. The people on the trip were also wonderful to be around, very friendly and willing to share and learn from each other and their experiences. A few things I learned: Wool socks are amazing even when wet, Chaga Tea is good, what wood sorrel looks likes, a random rose quartz stone from the fire pit was able to create a spark, long fires are much warmer and can be easier to maintain. ”  — Chris

“ Nick was GREAT! Everyone was friendly and really wanted to soak up everything that was presented. I do plan on doing more with these people. ”— Mark

“You are a martyr of a man because you very well could hide in the woods forever yet you choose to educate us fools” —Hawthorn

“Nick, thanks for the great experience! We all had a wonderful time and it was great food and great people! My kids had a great time and they all want to do it again!” —Nate

“I’m a total novice on eating wild edibles and this was a great intro for me. The part I loved the best was when Krystal and Nick shared their homemade recipes on how you can use the berries/leaves/roots in recipes. Thanks for all that prep work, you two!” —Karla

Nick is a great organizer and the classes have all surpassed my expectations! —Joan

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