8th Annual WI Frozen Butt Hang!

Dates: January 11-13, 2019

Wi Frozen Butt Hang - NOW Outdoors

Location: Waupaca, WI

Winter hammock camping season is here and I would like to invite all who dare to brave the cold to join us for the 8th Annual Wisconsin Frozen Butt Hang. This event is family friendly best suited for those with winter camping experience.

This year, the hang will take place on a private 40-acre property in Waupaca WI where we teach survival and wilderness medicine courses. There are tons of good trees for hanging and lots of firewood. I’ll have our 30-foot parachute shelter set up over the fire area which already has a ridge pole for hanging pots. The hike in from your car is about 5 minutes making this very accessible for both sleds or packs. In addition, just over the property line from the site is the ice age trail if anyone wishes to hike in from north of the property

Last year was a whopping -17F but the current record for this event was -41F in 2016.


Not sure if your gear is up to par? There will be a beginner overnight trip on Dec. 15th and 16th at the same location.

Come on out and learn a thing or two about winter camping!  Contact Us for more details!


Nick Gordon, NREMT and Wilderness EMT, is the owner and lead instructor for NOW Outdoors LLC. He teaches more than a dozen wilderness adventure courses for UW-Milwaukee and teaches for the SOLO School of Wilderness Medicine. Since 2009, Nick has been teaching and guiding wilderness adventure, emergency readiness, and survival courses throughout the Great Lakes region and abroad. In addition to running the largest outdoor themed meetup community in Wisconsin, he also volunteers as a Regional Coordinator for the Wisconsin Association for Environmental Education.

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