Welcome to NOW Outdoors

Want to spend more time in nature, learn new skills, and meet great people?

Welcome to the biggest and fastest growing wilderness/outdoor adventure community in the Midwest. We offer free social events at least once per month that focus on things like backpacking skills, wild edibles, cold weather adventure, day hikes, gear or just sitting around the campfire sharing stories.

We offer a variety of exciting courses and trips year round including WFA and WFR certifications, backpacking and canoe camping trips, survival courses, cooking classes, winter expeditions and more. Our international wilderness expeditions include Mt. Everest, Arctic Paddling, and the Amazon Jungle. These trips are organized and guided by NOW Outdoors.

We help people become more skilled, more experienced and more confident outdoors. We never want to exclude anyone from classes or trips so please contact us with any questions or concerns and we can help you to be fully equipped for any type of adventure.


Nick of the Woods

WEMT, Owner and Lead Instructor for NOW Outdoors LLC


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